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I draw NSFW art, It's just what I enjoy drawing the most.
I draw furry, human and those in-between

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agmoyer's News

Posted by agmoyer - 1 day ago

Alrighty, so haven't really been drawing because other things have come up this month so I've just been messing with some ideas and trying things out while looking up some other things for when I get back to it. Right now I'm planning at the end of the month to try finishing my space for drawing so I can eliminate any reason not to be drawing.

So if everything goes well enough this month starting February I'll be drawing more than I ever have because the way I see it is the biggest problem right now is how long it takes to set everything up. So I'm going to simplify the process down to just having to turn around and turn on the tablet and start drawing.

The way I see it is if it takes less than a minute to get ready to draw then I'll probably draw more often because it'll be so easy.

Posted by agmoyer - December 8th, 2021

Alrighty so it's been 4 full days I haven't seen a bedbug and no new bites so maybe I'm good now. I'm very paranoid since I manage to scrape some money together and got a new chair but I haven't taken it out of the box to set it up because I don't want to have anymore bedbugs...

So since I'm steadily loosing my mind from not drawing anything I'm going to try in the next couple days to see if it's possible with this height difference between me and my desk to actually draw without being too uncomfortable.

Posted by agmoyer - December 1st, 2021

Alrighty so drawing will be a bit harder for me for a month or so because this last month I've been dealing with bedbugs. Had a pest control service here and it didn't work because turns out they were hiding in my computer chair (one with this fabric style cushion [was nice]) and I just threw it out after taking it apart and putting it in doubled up garbage bags. 

I am now using a foldable lawn chair because I can't afford anything else right now and it's pretty short compared to my desk... Hopefully if I have no more surprises I'll be able to get a new chair because this is pretty uncomfortable.

Posted by agmoyer - November 23rd, 2021

Alright, I'm going to try making some sort of schedule again so I can try and draw more regularly. My hours are all over the place because things keep happening IRL so I'm thinking maybe late night for drawing/streaming. At least then I'll have all day to get other things out of the way and just sleep after I'm done drawing for a bit.


Posted by agmoyer - October 26th, 2021

Alright, so far it's just been one thing after another this week IRL but now things have been organized a bit and I'll try drawing tomorrow. One thing I've been looking at is trying to organize my day into a schedule so I'll have more time to draw because sometimes things happen that need my undivided attention... I'm going to try this schedule tomorrow (27th) and see what happens.

Art wise the next stream (tomorrow) I'm going to be messing around with vector layers because I checked some videos on it and I forgot how amazing vector layers are. I haven't used vector layers in general in over 8 years and I've never tried them on clip studio paint.

So the stream won't have music as I'm going to try and follow some tips from videos in hopes it'll help me when it comes to...

1. line quality

2. image quality after resizing the resolution

3. colouring faster so I'll have more time to try shading and highlighting

Why not do this off stream? Because I feel I take far too long to draw a single image so with streaming I at least don't look inactive.

Posted by agmoyer - October 9th, 2021

I'm now streaming whenever I draw on https://picarto.tv/agmoyer955 which I'll be doing again tomorrow with what I'm currently trying to finish. You can see the progress images on my twitter https://twitter.com/agmoyer


Posted by agmoyer - September 29th, 2021

Alright haven't posted anything on here in a while because I've been working on drawing some things I've either never drawn before or just improving on other stuff in general. I post all of what I am doing in my journals tab on furaffinity and progress images on my twitter.

Posted by agmoyer - August 18th, 2021

I'm finally drawing again!  I'm going to try my hand at more feral Pokémon probably. Why? Well there is plenty out there sure but there are so many I've noticed that little to nobody is even touching.

I want to draw as much as I possibly can and of whatever I can (so long as it's legal and doesn't violate rules on this or any site I upload on [and that I'm comfortable with]). So I'll be drawing what is probably considered strange, immoral or just wrong to some or many.

The fact is I can draw and I don't want to waste it on drawing the same thing over and over or restrict myself to one type of pornographic art.

What I draw isn't exactly what I'm into, it's more so that it doesn't bother me because it's not real. This means my list of things I won't draw will be changing even more probably.

I would like to draw variations to some of my future uploads but this site probably doesn't like that so they'll be posted elsewhere.

So in the future expect to see me upload some uncommon stuff as I've said above.

Posted by agmoyer - August 12th, 2021

Alright finally have internet again! I just moved into an apartment and after a series of failed attempts from my ISP I finally have internet so I should start drawing again soon. I haven't did anything until now because aside from no internet It's really hot in here (currently 86 outside [30 celcius]) on top of this I am dealing with an ant problem...

But now I have no more distractions (aside from the heat and ants) so I should be able to draw more than I have in the past.

Posted by agmoyer - July 23rd, 2021

Alright things are starting to look better for me and if everything works out then next month I'll be drawing a lot more. My plans are simple enough.

I love drawing and I've tried many different types of work and just didn't enjoy them at all like taking classes in construction, computer engineering, animation, biology and auto mechanics. Outside of classes I've tried carpentry and landscaping. In the end drawing is what I enjoy the most and will work harder on that.

Right now my goals are...

1. Change how I draw to be more efficient without losing quality (hopefully increase how fast I finish a piece)

2. Find a way to draw that makes colouring, shading and highlighting easier and less time consuming (if possible)

3. Improve on things like feet, head shape, facial expressions, hands and so on...